• RUS Animation Studio

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    RUS Animation Studio

    RUS Animation studio is a vocational school animation program supported by Djarum Foundation and its partners at the SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus, Indonesia. The curriculum of this program is developed to prepare skilled workforce and the need of animation industries nowadays, 3D animators.

  • RUS Animation Studio

    hello we are

    RUS Animation Studio

    Our presence is aiming to create creative artworks that can bring Indonesian local wisdom to the animation film enthusiast around the world. Our mission is to introduce local wisdom through 3D animated films.

  • RUS Animation Studio

    hello we are

    RUS Animation Studio

    The need for animated entertainment will keep on growing along with the rise of entertainment media alternatives and the advancement of technology in animated film production.

About Us

RUS Animation Studio gives our students skills in all keys creative areas to be a professional 3D animator. We give our students hands-on experience that will make them a professional in animation industries. With experienced lecturers from animation industry, our students learn how 3D animation film is produced in every stage. Students will learn on industry standard software such as Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke Studio and Adobe Creative Suite.
Pre-Production: In this stage, our students learn the process of story writing, production design, story boarding and animatic.
Production: Using 3D computer graphics, our students learn multi skills like 3D modeling, shading, texturing, rigging, compositing, rendering, visual effect and lighting.
Post Production: Our students learn the process of lay-outing, animating, color grading, sound designing and film scoring, foley and dubbing/voice over, audio mixing and audio laydown.

Daniel Harjanto Setyawan

Ever since 1989 Daniel has entered the field of computer animation or CGI and specializes in animated movie production process, be it for feature movies or TV serials, mainly as Director of Technology. He has been involved in various animated films and TV series such as Meraih Mimpi (Sing to the Dawn), Tatsumi, Garfield TV Series, Franklin and Friends, Dr. Contraptus, Octonauts, Peter Rabbit, Sonic Boom and others. Daniel realizes the importance of human resources development in computer animation. Therefore, in 2015 Daniel became one of the founders of Animation program studies in SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus, that aims to produce competent animation experts in Indonesia. Daniel graduated from Civil Engineering studies in Parahyangan Catholic University.

Chandra Endroputro

Chandra Endroputro started his career in 3D animation in 1990, as a scriptwriter up until his last position as a director. His first film Janus: The Last Soldier, is the first movie that uses combination of live-shot and 3D animation techniques in Indonesia and awarded as the first Indonesian 3D animated films by Cinemags (a film magazine). His career as director in several production of television film and series, strengthens his directing and narrating techniques in animated films. One of those precious experiences was his stint as a director for four seasons of Jalan Sesama (Sesame Street), a joint TV series production with Sesame New York. His obsession is to promote a sense of being Indonesia in animated films. This is the main reason for almost all of his movies are rich of local nuance and values. Chandra studied Anthropology in Universitas Indonesia.

woddy woodman

Woody is a professional storyteller and illustrator, trained in stordyboarding at Disney, who is passionate about his craft. His credits on Disney animated featue films include Mulan, Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove, Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, and Brother Bear. With more than 20 years of experience in the animation industry, Woody shares his knowledge to students at SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus, covering the foundation of drawing, composition, and storytelling. He is currently working with an online learning courses from his hometown in Orlando, Florida to the students in SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus. Woody is enthusiastic in developing young Indonesian talents to become world class animators. A US Corps Marine veteran, Woody holds a bachelor degree in Illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

Agam Amintaha

Graduated from Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Semarang majoring in Informatics. He masters various animation and image processing software such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. He currently teaches 3D Animation and Visual Communication Design. Agam holds Autodesk Maya Certified Professional.

Rheza Dassa Agusta

This Photography, Web Design and Animation teacher masters various software such as Macromedia Flash, Corel Draw, Photoshop and Autocad. He graduated from Informatics major in Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Semarang. Rheza holds Autodesk Maya Certified Professional.

Almira Desiani Khana

Almira is a passionate 2D artist and animator, versatile in both traditional crafts and programs such as ToonBoom, TVPaint, and Adobe After Effects. She graduated from Animation Arts in Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore, awarded with First Class Honours.

Damas Nawanda

A concept artist and tech aficionado. With experience in technology startup and game development, he is currently exploring the world of visual art and storytelling to capture people's hearts. Graduated his master degree in Creative Technology from University of Bristol, UK and bachelor degree in Information Technology from Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Riska Herdika Yutari

Riska teaches Visual Communication Design and Animation. She graduated from Universitas Indraprasta PGRI in Jakarta majoring Visual Communication Design. She masters several software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

Denny Wahyudi

Graduated from Faculty of Visual Art at the Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta. He masters Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and possesses skill in drawing, painting and design. At the moment, he teaches Animation, Art and Culture.



Well-equipped drawing studio with latest generation computers and Wacom Cintiq graphic tablets for character drawing and storyboard making of the animated film in preparation. Students can learn various drawing techniques and develop their own style of animation.


A state of the art image processing room is equipped with latest edition of graphic software Autodesk Maya, helping students in turning series of images into an animation sequence. This studio is crucial in shaping the backbone of an animated film.


Inside a visual effect studio like this, an animated film will be given visual and sound effect using a node-based digital composting application: The Foundry Nuke Studio. Using the seamless combination of effect and timeline provided by this software, students can run a whole project from a single desktop.


A Studio where an animated film undergoes color grading process to get the desired effect by altering and enhancing the color digitally using the high tech application called Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. With color grading, a film can time travel to a different era where certain color exists in the past, or in the future.


Inside this studio, students can record and add sound effects to the animated film. Some films used popular pop song or classical repertoires. Others write a new score for a particular film, thus needed a special recording session along with the film played on a screen.


A theater with proper screen, projector and sound system to preview a newly finished animated movie. To inspire students, this theater can also be used to screen extraordinary films that change the course of history of animation.


This is a studio for capturing actions of human motion and translating them into digital character models in 2D or 3D computer animation. Utilizing the latest IMU-based motion capture system Perception Neuron and Unity 3D, this studio is able to simulate the look of live-action cinema for animation movie production and game development.


The fun-filled art studio is set up for students to explore creativity in sketching, drawing, painting and comic illustration with a wide range of materials and techniques. A full set of high quality Copic markers are used to deliver maximum performance in all areas of design and illustration.



Increasing human resource quality through education is one of Djarum Foundation’s missions. We started our education initiative by building schools in our hometown, Kudus – Central Java in 1963. The current education program that we are doing now is the Vocational School Improvement Program in Kudus area, which was first initiated in 2012. The main objective is to make 11 vocational schools in Kudus area as the favorite destination for Junior High School graduates to enroll as their next level of study, and produce job-ready workforce. From the many expertise offered at Vocational High School , Djarum Foundation have been able to improve vocational school majors focusing on: Computer and Network Engineering , Mechanical Engineering, Culinary, Fashion, Animation, Software Engineering, Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering.
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PT. Bali Animation Solution Ekakarsa (BASE) is a domestic company established in January 2015. BASE headquarter is in Denpasar, Bali. BASE goal is to become one of leading company in the creative industries, especially in the animated television series and feature films production services, producing Intellectual Property (IP) products and provide animation animation production consulting services. The ultimate vision of BASE is to become one of the leading animation studio in the quantity and quality of animation products in the Asian region. In order to achieve this vision, BASE is targeting production of high-quality animations that are able to penetrate into local and international markets. The annual target is 78 episodes with a duration of 11 minutes/episode. In terms of product delivery, BASE will develop standardized quality which is able to produce high quality animation in international standards.